Discover Canada from the skies
thanks to our Private Outfitter Airport

Canada is filled with hidden gems that just can’t be accessed… until now. Thanks to our partnership with Air Tunilik we can offer outdoor and adventure trips in places not yet reached by people where the wildlife and nature still run the show and the only way to get there is by plane! Immerse yourself in a proper wild adventure by exploring untouched lands and waters whether you are hiking, fishing, hunting, or just escaping the rest of the world!

Our Aviation Story

Founded back in 2002, Air Tunilik is proud to have become the largest bush aviation company in Quebec and is now proud to partner with Pourvoirie Escapade to deliver real wild adventures. Our fleet of private seaplanes, our vast network of hydrobases and our expertise in the field mean we can get you to your remote adventure destination with maximum comfort and safety.

We charter both private seaplanes and private ski planes to provide you with specialized transport solutions for any adventure throughout Quebec from the day the ice melts until it is ready to arrive again at the end of fall. No matter where it will be our pleasure to help you get to and from your outdoor trips.

Our network covers a large portion of Quebec’s territory. Our aviation facilities in Sept-Iles, Havre St-Pierre, Natashquan, Manic-5, Caniapiscau and the Mirage outfitter near LG-4 means we can take multiple routes and take trips in many different areas of Quebec with ease.

Start your adventure on a high… 10,000ft high to be precise

Air Tunilik works to serve those who live for adventure, but also those like us who believe in the many opportunities and greatness that these vast and beautiful lands can offer to us to help improve the country as a whole. We wish to continually contribute to the increasing economic development of Northern Quebec by partnering with outfitters such as the fantastic Pourvoirie Escapade, associations and other aviation enthusiasts.

So whether you are headed on a family fishing trip in Quebec or are out for your big hunt of the season, start your trip off right in a private plane and get to the best fishing and hunting spots no one else can reach, that way you can enjoy the tranquil nature and benefit from the isolation with the best picks of fish and game all to yourself.

Take to the skies and start your next adventure

Interested in an adventure trip with a full package including transport by private plane, all gear needed to have the best adventure, as well as fully equipped accommodation in the middle of the wilderness? Contact us with any enquiries or questions about your next adventure trip in Quebec where you can arrive and leave in style by private plane.