Pourvoirie Escapade - The #1 Black Bear Hunting Outfitter In Quebec, Camp and hunt black bear in the best spots in Canada

Where are our Black Bear Hunting trips?... In some of the best spots to find in Canada, that’s where!


The Gouin Reservoir is giant a man-made lake in Quebec, Canada but it is also an area that has become very renowned for being one of the best places in the country to go on hunting trips for black bear and other species in both fall and spring. If you’re looking for a black bear hunting trip where you are guaranteed to have a exalting hunt then the Gouin Reservoir with Pourvoirie Escapade is the place for you.

The Gouin Reservoir is located right in the centre of the magical Canadian Boreal Forest. Immerse yourself in this great wilderness whilst enjoying some of the best black bear hunting that Quebec has to offer.

Hunting Black Bear in the Gouin Reservoir Area

Here at Pourvoirie Escapade we have had hundreds of successful black bear hunting trips and even more happy hunters

With guests having hunted a bear on so many trips, you’re almost guaranteed to be leaving this once in a lifetime black bear hunting experience with more successful bear hunts under your belt than you arrived with!

Our black bearing hunting trips are so successful because of how many bears we have in the area, the Gouin area is home to many black bear families with what seems to be more and more arriving each year, however, the beauty of our trips is even though there are more black bears to hunt, we still have the same amount of hunters on our trips so you get the best chance of seeing and hunting black bears whilst on your outfitter trip with us!

The black bears hunted on our trips average at about 200 pounds in weight each!

Hunting Black Bears In Their Own Territory

Hunt black bear in places no other hunter can get to because here at Pourvoirie Escapade we have partnered up with airline Air Tunilik to fly our guests to our exclusive camps, outposts, and lodges in some of the hidden gems of the Gouin and some of the best hunting spots.

Thanks to Air Tunilik we have our very own planes and seaplanes which let us put bait in places no one else can reach and gets you to the best and most remote black bear hunting spots around Reservoir Gouin and the Boreal Forest.

So, what’s it like hunting black bears with Pourvoirie Escapade?

Our black bear hunting trips are just as relaxed as they are exhilarating.

We pride ourselves in being the best black bear hunting outfitters and hunting guides in Quebec and it’s not rare to see our hunters back at the lodge early evening as they have already hunted and shot their game for the day during their hunt. The black bears are here in abundance and you can find black bears and other impressive game in exclusive places where you’ll find no other hunters around because we have teamed up with Air Tunilik to take our hunters to our exclusive camps, outposts, and lodges by seaplane. This way, they discover some of the best spots for black bear hunting in Quebec and the whole of Northern Canada.

What other wildlife can you expect to see on your hunting trip for black bear?

The Boreal Forest and Gouin Reservoir is home to many different species of wildlife, some you won’t find anywhere else!

The Boreal Forest and the area surrounding Gouin Reservoir where we conduct our black bear hunting trips are full of all kinds of wildlife from small rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels to the large game like deer, elk, moose, reindeer, and caribou which are especially cool to find in early fall when the bulls are shedding their antlers, giving them an awesome red colouring! Then we’ve got the carnivores that live in the boreal forest and sometimes be found in the Gouin area, these predators include wolves grizzly and black bears (mostly just black bears found in the Gouin area), lynx, and foxes. These are just some of the other species in the Gouin Reservoir area and its surroundings and the place itself is breathtaking, not just a successful place to hunt but a beautiful place to hunt too.

Stay in a fully-equipped lodge in a cosy camp on your next black bear hunting trip

Get cosy by the fire with a cold beer after a long day of top-quality hunting

Our dedicated camps and outposts offer fantastic and well-equipped outfitter lodges with wifi, running water and hot showers included where you can relax, and escape the outside world after a day of great black bear hunting in one of the best spots in Canada.