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Where our Northern Pike and Walleye fishing trips are held

The Gouin Reservoir is one of the most majestic places in Canada as well as being one of the best pike and walleye fishing spots you’ll find!

he Gouin Reservoir is a man-made reservoir located in Northern Quebec but it is also an area that has become very well known for being one of the best places on the map to fish northern pike and walleye in Canada. If you’re looking for a fishing trip where you are guaranteed to catch lots of northern pike and walleye then the Gouin Reservoir iis the place for you. The Gouin Reservoir is located in the heart of the extraordinary Canadian Boreal Forest. Surround yourself with this great wilderness while enjoying some of the most prolific pike and walleye fishing that Quebec has to offer.

Big Northern Pike Fishing on the Gouin Reservoir

With guests catching their daily quotas of big Northern Pike on so many trips, you’re guaranteed to have left your once in a lifetime experience with plenty more catches under your belt than you arrived with! Catch pike in places no other fisherman can get to because here at Pourvoirie Escapade we have teamed up with Air Tunilik to fly our guests to our exclusive outposts and lodges in some of the hidden gems of pike fishing in “Réservoir Gouin”.

Walleye Fishing on the Gouin Reservoir

It’s not rare to see our guests be back to the lodge by lunchtime as they have already caught their limit of Walleye during their morning fishing. The fish is abundant and you can catch Walleye in exclusive places where you’ll find no other line in the water because we have collaborated with Air Tunilik to take our guests to our exclusive outposts and lodges by seaplane. This way, they discover some of the best spots for walleye fishing in the country.

What species of fish will you find on our fishing trips on the Gouin Reservoir

The Gouin Reservoir and the surrounding areas are filled with wildlife

There are 3 main species of fish found in Reservoir Gouin, those 3 are Northern Pike, Walleye and also Sauger (AKA Dark or Black Walleye).

The Gouin Reservoir surrounding is also filled with great wildlife and people won’t be the only species fishing there, black bears and otters can also be seen catching fish at Reservoir Gouin.

Stay in a fully-equipped lodge on your next Northern Pike and Walleye fishing trip

IGet cosy by the fire with a cold beer after a day of fishing

Our exclusive camps and outposts offer great and well-equipped lodges with wifi, running water and hot showers included where you can relax, and escape the outside world after a day of great pike and walleye fishing in one of the best spots in Canada.

Why you will have one of the best fishing trips you’ve ever had with Pourvoirie Escapade

You will get the chance to fish some of the best Northern Pike and Walleye Quebec has to offer with Pourvoirie Escapade at Gouin Reservoir. We supply the accommodation for your trip as well as fishing boats and boat motors with unlimited gas and life jackets included. We also offer the best exclusive fishing spots with fish finders and fish cleaning facilities for you to use while on your trip. All you have to bring are your fishing rods, bait (Pike can’t resist bright colours and small whitefish), and your fishing license!